How To Conduct Graffiti Removal With Ease

How To Conduct Graffiti Removal With Ease

Has any of your property been vandalized with graffiti, and you have no idea how to go about removing the stains? Then, this article is for you as you get to discover the simple ways to conduct graffiti removal, thereby preventing your property from tumbling towards a reducing valve. It should be noted that different methods apply to different surfaces, and different cleaners apply to different graffiti as using the wrong technique could cause further complications on the surface.

Graffiti removal does not necessarily take skill or expertise, as you only need to have a basic understanding of which tools to use when going about the process. In addition, it is imperative to take note of every safety procedure applicable to any method you choose in removing the graffiti to ensure you have a satisfactory finish.

4 Simple Ways To Conduct Graffiti Removal

Chemical removal

This is the simplest way to conduct graffiti removal is by using chemicals, but not just any chemicals, only the ones specifically designed to remove the stains. You can remove graffiti by using dishwashing detergent or liquid laundry soap in some cases. Such chemicals can get rid of pen graffiti from smooth cement, aluminum, terrazzo, glass, or other similar surfaces. Likewise, liquid cleaners, solvents, mineral turpentine, and eucalyptus oil can be effective on pen graffiti. On the other hand, if the graffiti was done in aerosol coat on a surface that isn’t painted, you have to fix it on time as the color will rapidly penetrate the absorbent surface. At this point, it might become challenging to get the stain off.

Using paint

Paints work best for graffiti on painted surfaces as it is easier to coat the drawings than going through the strenuous process of cleaning them out. However, you cannot just paint over the graffiti without removing as much of it as you can.  You should know that some paints may not totally cover the graffiti as you could still see them through the newly applied  coating. To help with that, all you need is to use a sealer coat but ensure you first try to see how well the it  works before applying the paint.

Mechanical removal

It is best to use pressure washers for extensive aerosol graffiti as they will get the job done in no time. When using pressure washers on graffiti-stained wooden surfaces, use low pressure and study if the process drives the stains further into the wood. This also applies to brick surfaces, and the recommended PSI should not exceed 700, while the spray tip you choose should be suitable for the surface.

Using thinner and other solvents

Thinners are solvents that can help you quickly with graffiti removal, and they come newly improved every season in the market. The downside of using thinners for graffiti removal is the toxicity that comes with the product. So, it is advisable to purchase the least toxic ones and dutifully observe all precautions suggested by the producer.


Graffiti removal requires the gentlest touch at first to prevent harm from the stained surfaces. Furthermore, you should hire a professional for valuable surfaces or more complicated materials to get the job done.