What Are The Different Types Of Wheel Lug Nuts?

What Are The Different Types Of Wheel Lug Nuts?

A wheel lug nut is a small fastener that can securely hold the wheel in place. They are available in different sizes or shapes. For instance, if you need to buy a 60 mm m12×1.5 lug nut then OSIAS 60mm wheel lug nuts can be a good option you can buy.

They are also available in different materials, usually, chrome-plated steel lug nuts are used but in racing cars where light parts are needed anodized aluminum lug nuts can be installed. To find out more about different types of wheel lug nuts read the given article.

Types Of Wheel Lug Nuts

Some common types of lug nuts are described below. Each type has its own characters which are different from other types.

1. Hex Nut

As the name indicates this nut head is in hex shape and the head is threaded on to stud to securely bind the wheel. It is a very common type of lug nut and is typically made of steel and Chrome plated. You can also find Hex nuts in lightweight materials such as Titanium for racing vehicles.

2. Ball Seat

The ball seat has a round seat; it is not a common type of lug nut. This type of lug nut is mostly found in Audi and Honda-type vehicles. The head of a ball seat lug nut is similar to the conical lug nut so they may be difficult to identify from conical nuts if both are installed.

3. Conical Seat

If we talk about the most common type of lug nut then this is the conical seat. Their seat is inwardly tapped at 60 degrees.  These lug nuts are designed in such a way that they can fit into cone-shaped holes. They can be considered the easiest-to-work lug nuts.

4. Extended Thread

An extended thread nut is almost similar to a conical lug nut but it also adds the benefit of a longer thread. In some cases, the regular lug nuts do not provide enough thread engagement by the stud and mounting surface. In these conditions extended thread lug nuts are useful. The extended length of thread lets the engagement better so the wheel can be attached more securely.

5. Flat Seat

A flat seat lug nut is similar to a washer because of its flat seat. Among all the types of lug nuts, they are probably the most difficult to handle. This is because of their small barrel. Another negative point about these nuts is that if they are not centered perfectly then you may not find them as it seems that they are tightened even if they are not.

6. Mag Seat

Mag seat is another type of lug nut similar to an extended thread lug nut. The difference is that it has a washer seat. They are helpful just like an extended thread where the long thread is needed but they have a flat seat maybe with a washer or without it. They are named because in the past they were made from magnesium.


Lug nuts present in your vehicle wheels may be not obvious as other parts but they are important and responsible for the secure positioning of the wheel. The given article describes some of the common types of wheel lug nuts.