When It's Time to Change the Car Fuel Filter?

When It's Time to Change the Car Fuel Filter?

A fuel filter is a critical component of your car's fuel system. It is responsible for filtering the impurities from the oil before it enters the engine. However, over time the fuel filter may lose effectiveness due to a clogged filtration medium.

Clogged fuel filters are hazardous for the engine as they encourage metal-on-metal friction and component overheating. Moreover, dirt accumulates in pistons and other moving parts, resulting in expensive repairs if left unattended. Therefore, knowing when you need a fuel filter replacement is essential. Before beginning diving into the article, check fuel filters at osiaspart as they have some high-quality products that you may be interested in.

6 Signs When It’s The Time to Change your Car Fuel Filter

#1- A Troubled Start

Many drivers think hard start results due to other reasons. However, it is the clogged fuel filter that hinders a smooth start. It happens because the engine doesn't get enough oil to operate. If you don't replace a clogged filter promptly, the vehicle will not start.

#2- Engine Shaking

Acceleration requires more oil. However, a dirty filter starves the engine from the additional oil, which causes it to sputter or shake randomly. The hindrance may not be prominent under usual driving conditions. However, you'll notice the shaking more promptly when the car gains higher speed or moves on steep roads.

Your car may surge at different speeds depending on the fuel filter blockage. Additionally, a heavily clogged filter prevents the vehicle from accelerating at all. You’ll notice minimal or no speed change even if you press the paddle hard.

#3- Check Engine Light Ignites

New car models have sensors installed in their engines that sense the engine's oil level. If the oil level flowing in the vehicle is less than required, these sensors light up an indicator light on the dashboard.

A clogged fuel filter triggers the check engine light, so you must inspect your fuel system as soon as possible.

#4- Misfiring Engine

An engine contains combustion chambers that work simultaneously to ensure smooth working. Errors in combustion chambers make the engine skip its systematic rhythm resulting in misfires. It feels like a hiccup in the normal working of the car. Although there are numerous reasons for engine misfires, a clogged fuel filter is one of them. Therefore, it is best to get it checked.

#5- Fuel Mileage Reduction

A good fuel filter maintains a good fuel mileage. It means the vehicle has optimal fuel consumption. However, a dirty fuel filter reduces the fuel mileage significantly. Resultantly, the vehicle requires more fuel refills leading to increased driving costs.

#6- High Engine Temperature

The engine maintains its operation despite the oil deficiency due to a dirty oil filter. However, an overstressed or overworked engine attains a higher temperature. The uncontrolled temperature may severely damage the engine if the issue is not resolved.

The Bottom Line

Your car’s engine needs oil to operate optimally. However, impurities in oil are inevitable. Therefore, a component called the fuel filter is installed in the fuel line to ensure oil purity. However, over time these filters clog and cause problems.

Common symptoms of blocked fuel filters are discussed in the article above. It is important to note that cars driven on muddier or dirt tracks require more frequent inspection. A typical oil filter lasts up to 2 years or remains good till 30,000 miles. A bad fuel filter may cause severe engine issues, and a sudden stall may also lead to road accidents.