Which Pressure Washer Type is The Best For Car

Which Pressure Washer Type is The Best For Car

High Pressure washers are widely appreciated because of their usage and versatility for various cleaning purposes. Pressure washers, like every other machine, are amazing machines - no doubt about that. But these pressure washers will not work without their components, but not many pay attention to that. For most consumers of pressure washers, they are buying the device for ease. Hence, the whole complexity of how the pressure washer works or the importance of the components is not the immediate concern of an average pressure washer user. The only moment they notice a component isn't working is when the pressure washer isn't responding as they would want.

One of the most essential components of the pressure washer is the nozzle. Asides from the pump that adds pressure to the water supplied into the pressure washer, the nozzle is probably the most important component. The nozzle is the final pathway of the pressured water before it reaches the surface to get clean. While the nozzle isn't responsible for pumping the water into the device, it determines the pressure of the water coming out of the pressure washer. Because pressure washers are used for various purposes, each of these purposes with its optimal functions, luckily, these nozzles have different colours to identify their uses. In this guide, we'll go over the best pressure washer nozzles for your car.

Green colour nozzle

When trying to wash your car, you need the safest possible nozzle to ensure all car parts are safe. The green nozzle releases water at 25 degrees. It is a perfect choice to use when washing trucks and higher vehicles. Also, if you plan to wash only the exterior of your vehicle, you can use the green nozzle for such parts of the vehicle. The velocity coming from the green nozzle is high, so using it on some parts of your vehicle is complex.

White Nozzle

The design of white nozzle has a design to clean wide areas within a short period. Also, the velocity coming out from a white nozzle is moderate and okay for a car; therefore, it's safe to use it for a cat. With a white nozzle, the water released comes out at forty degrees. Therefore as long as the pounds per square inch of the pressure washer is good, using a white nozzle is your best bet. Luckily, the white nozzle has a wide mouth and will cover more areas than other types of nozzles.

Black nozzle

The black nozzle is the most gentle nozzle amongst all the options. The nozzle releases water at 65 degrees. Therefore the velocity is moderate. If you want to use the black nozzle for your car, it is best you use it when you are introducing soap into the wash or when you want to rinse the vehicle. If you use the black nozzle when you need to wash your car thoroughly, it won't be a practical option because of the weak velocity.


You can also use adjustable nozzles to wash your car, so you don't have to be buying multiple products. However, do not use any nozzle below 25 degrees because the velocity will be too much, and you'll damage the vehicle.